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Air Conditioners are luxury appliances that require the right skills and expertise for complete and proper installation and repair when needed. It’s also important to have customized tools and technicians for all AC repairs in Oakville, ON.

If you happen to reside in Ontario, we don’t need to tell you how much an air conditioner contributes to the comfort of your life, especially during the hot and humid summers. Choose only a professional air conditioning contractor in Mississauga for a quality experience.

Top Signs that You Need to Buy a New Conditioner 


  • Your Existing System is Quite Old

The average lifespan of an AC is twelve to fifteen years, and that too depends on how well you maintain your system. When your AC is aged, it will not give you the same comfort and efficiency. When the summer is around the corner, we suggest you not to waste time and hire a reputed AC service in Mississauga.

  • Repair Cost Getting Higher

When something goes wrong with the AC unit, many homeowners frequently call for an air conditioning contractor in Mississauga for immediate repair work. However, the more you repair, the more expensive it is. Sometimes, you will also have to shell out extra money for replacement. It is always better to install a new air conditioner instead of recurring repair work.

  • Inefficient System

If your air conditioner is old, there is a possibility that your system doesn’t have the required SEER ratings. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which must be above 14. These days HVAC companies offer SEER ratings of more than 20, which means more energy cost savings. At this point, it will be lucrative to hire a proficient AC installation service in Mississauga  for a new air conditioner at home.

  • R22 Freon Is Becoming Obsolete

Refrigerant is one of the most essential components of an AC. Without it, you certainly can’t hope to get your rooms cool. But R22 Freon, a frequently used refrigerant, is becoming obsolete because of more eligible SEER-rated refrigerants. So, if your AC is running on this refrigerant, chances are there that you can’t buy the same refrigerant anymore. Therefore, it will be plausible to change the system by hiring a competent AC service provider in Mississauga.

While on this topic, let us give you some tips to follow to install your AC at home. Since it is a one-time lump sum investment, this has to go well.

  • The first thing you need to ensure about the size and kind of AC. It is of utmost importance that you select the perfect size. And in this matter, only a professional air conditioning contractor in Mississauga  can help you.
  • You must purchase an AC that has required SEER ratings.
  • Hire only experienced experts to install your system at home.
  • Get a quotation and compare it to the market.
  • Choose a non-summer season because the HVAC companies roll out various financial offers for sale during this time.

A Professional Needs to Follow a Significant Structure For a Perfect Installation of a New AC


  • Spaces Outside and Size of A Room:

If the size of the AC doesn’t match the size of a room, it can affect the air quality by keeping it too cold or not cooling. In addition, see whether there are enough wide and open spaces outside the rooms so that there is no heat accumulation from the outer airflow.

  • Monitor the Indoors:

The next move is to understand are pros and cons of the wall/window and ventilations involved. With the measurements of height and distances of indoor units, technicians go ahead with the groundwork to start.

  • Location of Outside Units:

For compressors and condensers, the space must be completely open and large. Sometimes the outer space, like balconies, has so many enclosures that air could not flow easily out there.

  • Enough Spacing Between Outer and Indoor Units:

It will be perfect if AC’s units are fixed within the limits of enough distancing between them. The more they are close to each other, the more perfect their work will be.

  • Post-Installation Verifications:

All the parts of AC are working with 100% effectiveness and in sync, which means the work performed is done correctly.


AC Installation In Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, ON and Surrounding Areas | First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning

GSXC16 – Air Conditioner

AC InstallationAC Installation In Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, ON and Surrounding Areas | First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Up to 17 SEER Performance
  • Copeland® Two-Stage Ultranet scroll compressor
  • Comfort Bridge™ Technology – Continuously monitors system
  • Performance for customized indoor comfort.
  • Copeland® ComfortAlert™diagnostics
  • Heavy-gauge, galvanized steel enclosure cabinet
  • Factory-installed in-line filter drier
  • Quiet operation

Importance Of Effective AC Installation:

The air conditioner’s perfect working condition depends on certain factors. To avoid such hassles, below are the benefits of professional AC installation:

  • Reduces Maintenance Cost:

If the first process completes proficiently, you are just required to maintain the service charts of your AC. Efficient working automatically reduces all other expenses.

  • Increase the Life Expectancy of AC:

No matter how old or new the version of your AC is, it will only work for the long term if the installation is done rightly.

  • Sustainable to the Environment:

Many parts of any AC installed outside the building vented the warmer air into the atmosphere. It is also a fact that good hands-on installation results in the imitation of low carbon imprints and gaseous fumes.

  • Noiseless Conditioning of Air:

Heavy products sometimes get noisy after a certain time due to loosely connected attachments and built AC during installation. The professional installation process results in quieter air conditioning and cooling.

  • Saviour From Fluctuations:

You can easily avoid all the voltage and power fluctuations problems if the AC is installed in the right dimension and distance from the ground. It positively affects the earthing to save your AC damage from fluctuations.

  • Reduced Electricity Bills:

Overall performance of heating cooling units measured concerning its power-saving working process.

Did you know?

AC Installation In Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, ON and Surrounding Areas | First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning


Excellent AC installation will not only give you perfectly working equipment but also the relief of providing you with the satisfaction you deserve. If you have any queries or requirements about emergency AC repair in Mississauga, contact us at First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning.

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