In Ontario, summer lasts from June to September. A town such as Oakville can get as warm as 93°F and for this reason we rely heavily on our air conditioners. We cannot live without an air conditioner in a humid climate. During these hot summers, many air conditioners break down or stop working. 

Due to lack of knowledge, it is difficult for homeowners to decide whether to repair or replace their air conditioner in Oakville, Ontario. 

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When Do We Need to Repair Our Air Conditioner? 

It’s important to look out for symptoms and indications from your air conditioner from the beginning, which can lessen your repair cost in the future. 

Replacement is not the only option you have, read on for more information regarding tell-tale signs of repair.

  • The flow of air – The air circulated by the air conditioner becomes feeble, and you can hardly feel any air coming from the vents, which can be a problem with your ac compressor. It will result in no cooling of your home.
  • Water leakage – Water seeps down from your air conditioner vents or pipes. We can see water dripping from the air conditioner. 
  • Smell – We can smell a stench or a strange odor from the air conditioner. It indicates one things: molds problems contaminate it. 
  • Abnormal sounds – Sounds like buzzing, whistling, and rattling can be heard, which is not normal. It may be due to a faulty loose part.

An expert technician can help you provide the services needed for the faulty system. We offer one of the best AC Service Mississauga ON at an affordable price.

Why Do We Need to Repair Our Air Conditioner?

Suppose you neglect your air conditioner system and don’t repair it. It can lead to various problems.

  • Fire hazards – In recent studies, air conditioners, fans and related equipment can be the major cause of fire in houses. Millions of property were damaged and lives suffered due to faulty cable insulation or mechanical problems. The frequency of such accidents is high during June, July and August, so it is best to invest in repairing your air conditioner.
  • Health Problems – If the HVAC system is not properly repaired or maintained, it leads to bad health conditions and the spread of diseases. Molds build up when the air conditioner is left dormant in winter. It can spread to a limit where a bad smell comes out through the AC Repair Oakville ON.
  • Saves electricity- If your cooling system is not repaired, the filters are filled with dust particles which provide resistance to the airflow. You can save up to 15% on electricity if your air conditioner is maintained monthly.
  • Increased efficiency – Last but not least, you can get your air conditioning repaired every month with the help of an expert technician. It increases your HVAC system lifespan and work efficiency.


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