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Heaters are fragile and must be cared for regularly to work well. In the thick of winter, your heater could leave you shivering in the cold. A heating system might fail for a variety of reasons. You may have to wait a bit before heating repair services can arrive.

Seasonal tune-ups are an important part of heating maintenance in Mississauga. Avoid your AC from breaking down by dealing with the issues now. Pay close attention to the warning indications to avoid a costly and time-consuming heating repair. Experts can immediately identify any issues with your heating system that could affect your heater in the winter and issues that could arise when the temperature begins to fall again.

Heating Repair In Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, ON and Surrounding Areas | First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning

Some Warning Signs That Your Heating System Needs to be Repaired

These warning indicators are subtle enough to be overlooked until it’s too late. A professional furnace repair in Mississauga, ON is required if any of the following symptoms are present:

  • Age of Your System

A heating system will eventually need to be replaced if it’s too old. The presence of a pilot light can determine your system’s age. If your heater still uses a pilot light, it may be over 20 years old. 

  • Pilot light

Examine the pilot light very closely. There should be a blue flame visible here. When a furnace is in proper functioning order, the pilot light’s flame will be blue. Your furnace isn’t working properly if the pilot light’s flame is red, orange, purple, or yellow and needs immediate help.

  • Thermostat Issues

Your furnace isn’t heating your home efficiently if you have to always fiddle with the thermostat. To maintain a comfortable temperature, your heating system must work harder when turning the thermostat up and down numerous times a day.

  • Short-Cycling 

This is known as short cycling, when your furnace cycles on and off for brief intervals. There are chances that the heat exchanger isn’t working correctly. In addition, if your heating system doesn’t turn off for long periods, it’s time to call  furnace replacement in Mississauga.

Choosing the Best Time for Heating Repair

Typically, when the temperature drops to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or lower in the fall, you’ll know it’s time to check your heating system. It won’t be so cold that your system has to work too hard to keep your home warm at night when the weather gets even colder that you should start thinking about using it again.

Hire a Professional to Prevent These Issues

People usually wait until winter to examine their heating system. A working heater needs regular inspections. You should know how to recognize heater faults that require repair. If you’re tired of repairing your heater every few weeks, it may be time to upgrade.


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