Water heaters are essential to our overall well being and daily life. Although we sometimes take them for granted, water heaters allow us to wash dishes easily, and warm up in the shower after a cold day outside. Water heaters have an average life of 15-18 years, and it is necessary to inspect and perform maintenance services to ensure their longevity. First Choice Heating & Cooling are the experts in water heater services, AC service in Mississauga, ON and replacement in the Oakville, and Mississauga ON areas.

While regular maintenance service is the key to ensuring your water heater and HVAC systems work efficiently for many years, you may need to call a technician to repair the water heater in some situations.

Times when you should call the technician to repair the water heater

Odd Sounds from the water heater

There is nothing to worry about if the water heater makes a low noise when you switch it on or while its running. However, if the water heater makes a screeching, hammering, tapping, or humming noise, you should contact a professional technician to inspect it.

Sometimes, the mineral deposits accumulated at the bottom of the tank make jostling sounds. You’ll need an expert’s help to flush the water in the heater to resolve this issue.

Reduced hot water pressure

Low water pressure can become a major inconvenience to your daily activities. Mineral deposits are among the most frequent causes of low water pressure. Minerals settle in pipes due to hard water, blocking the waterway as they build up. Most likely, our technician will swap out the damaged metal pipe and flush the water.

Hot water finishes quickly

There is likely to be a fault in the water heater heating element if your household runs out of warm water at a quicker pace. It is best to replace the water heater if the repair cost is more than 50% of the installation cost of a new water heater.

Rusty water

The metal pipes get rusted when exposed to oxygen in humidity. Rusting is a chemical process, and it eats away the metal surface. A water heater has a magnesium and aluminum rod that gets rusted easily. The rust gets carried away swiftly with the water flow as rust is soft and porous.

Signs that alarm your water heater replacement is near

There are some signs that will help you to understand if it’s time to replace your water heater. If your experience any of the issues below, call First Choice Heating & Cooling, the experienced professionals in  air conditioner repair in Mississauga and Oakville

  • The water heater components have worn down.
  • Expensive repair costs for water heater leakage issues
  • Every metal bolt and pipe has corroded.
  • Excess sediment settled in the tank’s bottom
  • The valves are improperly working

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At First Choice Heating & Cooling, our customers well being is our top priority. Our professionally trained experts will ensure any HVAC issues you may be experienced will be resolved efficiently and promptly. For any water heater services or water heater replacement needs in Mississauga and in Oakville, ON, call (905) 334-7885, or email us your issue and our experts will reach out. We offer high quality services at an affordable price range.

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